Insight About the Structure and Composition of Hair

Before you consider doing any kind of hair treatment, it is beneficial to know in detail about the structure and composition of hair. It helps to opt for the right kind of therapy to improve your hair health.

There are many kinds of hair growing therapy promising success like the keratin hair treatment. In Sydney, many expert beauticians are providing such kind of hair growth treatment for people to enjoy good dense shinning hair. You can contact BKT Beauty ready to assist you in having strong healthy hair and maintain healthy skin. The client’s reviews posted on the website speaks about their creditability as skilled hair specialist.

The structure and composition of hair:

  • Hair grows out of follicles that are present in the inner layers of the skin, the dermis and the hypodermis. Commonly, the follicles are known as hair bulbs.
  • The hair shaft gives the hair all the nutritious elements like amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts. Even the blood flows into the shaft to keep hair strong and healthy.
  • The Sebaceous gland that produces sebum is present surrounding the hair shaft. The sebum is responsible for keeping the hair moisturised to prevent its brittleness.
  • Hair is made up of mostly keratin, which is a fibrous helicoidal protein. It is present in the skin and even in nails. It is known to be synthesized by keratinocytes and its primary function is to protect hair.
  • The other elements present in the hair are the numerous amino acids mainly cysteine. It provides rigidity to hair.

For easier understanding hair structure can be divided into three parts:

  • Medulla: It is the inner layer of the hair shaft. It is made of a soft oily substance called amorphous.
  • Cuticle: It forms the outer layer of the hair shaft and plays a pivotal role in hair growth. It contains the nourishing elements essential for proper hair growth. It means that it is fully keratinized that is shaped like scales placed one over the other.
  • Cortex: It plays a great role in maintaining the elasticity of the hair. It contains a long chain of keratins that promotes resistance and suppleness to the hair. It even contains melanin composed of different kinds of cells called melanocytes. Melanin promotes the colour of hair, and thus less melanin means your hair is changing its colour to grey.

For proper hair growth and to prevent hair loss, you need to have proper keratin treatment. Most importantly, you need to do conditioning of hair to enhance its smoothness, shining and rigidity. That can be perfectly done by hydrolysed keratin, which is a large size molecule that easily penetrates into the hair shaft. It provides elasticity and shining to hair. It strengthens the hair and decreases its frizzy that makes the hair brittle. It minimizes the damage to hair when subjected to the outside pollutants.

These kinds of hair treatments prove useful only when done by skilled professionals. You can do the hydrolysed treatment every few couple of months. Once you have the treatment there won’t be any problem of experiencing curly, dry and unmanageable hair.


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