Go Vegan While Buying A Handbag – Know Everything about Vegan Leather

Are you tired of buying handbags that don’t match your style or are you a vegan who is being attracted to the beauty of leather handbags? Well, the wait is over as vegan leather handbags have come to the market. After a lot of global environmental issues happening, people are shifting towards eco-friendly products and non-cruelty products.

Leather can be harmful to the environment in many ways and one of them is due to cattle grazing. Vegan leather can also be termed as faux leather might not be as durable as real leather but will increase the chances of your survival. Many reports even proved that leather was the real culprit for the Amazon Forest fires.

Where to buy vegan bags?

If you are looking for the best store to buy a vegan backpack or a handbag, you are in the right place. Marsi Bond is a store that manufactures and imports handbag designs and sells them online. You just have to visit their website and scroll to explore new and old designs of bags made of vegan leather.

They sell at a relatively cheaper price and the quality is mind-blowing. They do not charge shipping charges on any order and sell 100% genuine products. To buy the best vegan bags, just visit the Marsi bond website and buy handbags of your kind.

vegan backpack

What is vegan leather?

After reading so much about vegan leather being better than real leather, you might want to know what is vegan leather. It is made from polyurethane or can also be made using sustainable materials like mushrooms and pineapple leaves. Unlike real leather, these are not a threat to animals.

Stylists and designers are now adding vegan leather to their collection and so far, some of them have used it for making jackets and handbags. There are two types of vegan leather-based on the materials used to make the product.

  • Polyurethane (PU): It is a less damaging process when compared to the other process. It does not release toxins and is made with oil-based polymers which help in making use of fossil fuels.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): Unlike the PU method, PVC releases dioxins and is dangerous to keep it in a closed space and is also dangerous if it is burnt. It had become less popular since the 1960s. Greenpeace described it as the single most environmentally damaging type of plastic.

How does vegan bags look like?

The vegan leather comes in different forms and sizes depending on what you need. A good quality vegan leather will look exactly like real leather. They do not form a patina as real leather which is less breathable.

Why should I buy vegan leather?

As a customer, you are concerned about quality and durability in both of their performance. Vegan leather is thinner and lightweight. A real and good leather lasts more and a good quality faux leather will also last long. According to reports, more than a billion animals are being slaughtered for their skins every year. So, why not do something good for them!

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