Few Simple Ways You Can Keep the CPAP Mask on All Night

Sleeping all night with CPAP mask is initially quite irritating and with enough practice and patience one can get accustomed to it. Many people often take off their CPAP mask while sleeping during night and as a result they fail to get proper treatment.

If you have acquired brand new CPAP masks and need to use, then you need to use CPAP for certain minimum amount, so that your insurance company can pay for it. However, can you stop yourself removing your mask when you sleep? It is not too difficult either.

You can read this piece of writing which can help you.

  • Check your pressure of CPAP

Often involuntary movement of CPAP mask while sleeping may be caused due to incorrect pressure settings that may be too low or high.

At high pressure setting, it can irritate your nose, eyes, and also your mouth may dry out. Also, with lower setting you may not get enough oxygen.

So, switch to full face mask or contact doctor to adjust the pressure setting.

  • Check whether CPAP mask fits on your face

If the CPAP mask does not fit properly then it may lead to wrong pressure on the face and it may fall.

You should adjust the headgear of CPAP, or switch to some other kind of mask. You may also contact your doctor.

  • Stop skin irritation with CPAP

If you are waking up having red marks of pressure on the face, acne or sores then mask may cause you irritation.

To resolve do the following:

  1. Use cloth or mask liner to make a layer between mask and face.
  2. Use mask gel.
  3. Before going to bed wash your face.
  4. Clean the mask regularly.
  5. Wear mask of right size.
  6. Regularly replace mask.
  • Prevent nasal dryness, irritation and congestion

If you are waking up daily with dry nose or with irritation or having allergies then following are the solutions:

  1. Add humidifier with CPAP to add moisture
  2. Wear full face mask
  3. Use CPAP snuggle hose for covering the tubing to warm all the air passing
  • Don’t feel clausterphobic

If you remove CPAP mask while sleeping then there can be feeling of claustrophobia. Following are the solutions for that:

  1. Wear the CPAP mask much before going to bed and get accustomed to it.
  2. Wear the mask while you are reading or relaxing.
  3. Switch to any mask having less contact with the skin.
  4. Look for new CPAP mask with magnetic clips.
  • Use adjustable base beds

If you sleep at any incline bed then it can improve few symptoms of your mild sleep apnea, and can also be a great option for patients using CPAP therapy.

  • Expiratory pressure relief

This expiratory pressure relief can be another setting that is optional and can increase your comfort. Most CPAP machines usually deliver airflow at steady pressure rate, but with expiratory pressure relief, it lowers pressure during the time you exhale, and thus help to alleviate breathlessness feelings.

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