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Prepping for Teeth Implants: What You Need to Know

Your dental implants will have a great effect on your life. From smiling to eating to supporting your other teeth, implants will change how you approach life. It is important, though, that you give your implants the greatest chance for success possible; here are some tips to follow before you visit the teeth implant center in New Jersey.

Before Surgery

Discuss any medications you are taking with your doctor. Medications can affect everything from blood clotting to how you react to any sedation. Some medication can render antibiotics ineffective, which could lead to infections in your mouth. 

Make sure you discuss your medications well in advance so that if you have to quit any for a period to ensure your implants are successful, you have time to do so.

Get Medication Before Surgery

You may have to take an antibiotic for up to 2 weeks after your teeth implants are put in to ward off any infection. Additionally, you likely will be prescribed some sort of pain killer. Make sure you get both before your surgery; you do not want to have to navigate a pharmacy when you are in pain and discomfort from your procedure.

Arrange for a Driver and Caretaker

You will not be in any shape to drive after your implants are put in. While dental implants are outpatient procedures, you will still be sedated. Additionally, you may be in a lot of pain and discomfort.

For 48 hours after your procedure, you should make sure you have someone to drive you around and care for you at home. The success or failure of your implants may hinge on how little stress you cause yourself afterwards, so do not try and push through it all on your own. Rely on others as much as you can.

Pre-Arrange Meals

You will receive guidance on what you can and cannot, should and should not eat after your procedure. Make sure you purchase necessary food items and set yourself up for ease of preparation before you have your implants installed. 

Doing everything before hand will accomplish the following:

  • You have less to think about and less to stress about,
  • You avoid having to venture out to a grocery store,
  • You are avoiding physical stress on your implants, which will be painful at first,
  • You are giving your body what it needs nutrient-wise as it recovers,
  • You are making less backend work for yourself,

If you need guidance on specific items you should eat, ask the staff at the teeth implant center for their advice. 

By the time you leave the teeth implant center in New Jersey, you will have implants that will change much about your mouth, smile and oral health. Follow this advice to give yourself the best chance of success.

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