How Can You Maintain Vape Pen?

In case, you have purchased any vape pen or planning to buy one, then it is important to know how you must maintain it well. As such, it is quite easy to maintain a vape pen. Read it further in order to do proper maintenance.

  • Vape pen battery

Few of the battery models will offer you the option of adjusting how much power can be sent through your heating element. However, it will be more preferable for you to keep it adjusted at its lower voltage setting.

When you are sending more amount of power through heating element then it will produce more vapor after each drag, and also will increase the likelihood of your battery getting overheated.

Also, it may cause the oil to smolder into the cartridge as you are not taking hit, that can be a shameful waste too.

Unless your battery leaks, it will not require much attention. Generally, it is located at rear end of vape pen, that you can check every week just for ensuring that there will be no leakage of oil in your battery pack.

  • Heating chamber

Your aceite vape which is vape oil in English will be filled in the oil chamber which is also known as heating chamber, that contains heating coil for vaporizing the oil that is put in.

Coil is one of the most sensitive components of vape pen. That means if anything is wrong with this particular part, then vape pen will not work.

So, you must be careful while you scrub the chamber. Try to avoid cleaning this chamber with any sharp object. Also, avoid using wet cloth but use cotton swabs. As oil residue can be sticky, so you can try to warm up the vape pen before you clean it.

  • Vape cartridges

So far as cartridge care is concerned, it will depend what type of cartridge that you may be using, and what oil is inside. Usually, most oils have 90 days shelf life and most common cartridge is wick cartridge.

They have CO2 oil which is contained within chamber with wick and heating coil. This coil will vaporize oil soaked in wick and then vapor travels into different chamber that leads to mouthpiece.

You must ideally keep your cartridge always upright. One problem with wick cartridges is the oil may often leak out of chamber and gets into vapor chamber.

  • Vape pen mouthpiece

It is easiest and also most important thing that you must clean. As there is no electrical components present in it and hence, you can always deep clean it with cotton swab or by rubbing it. For better results, cotton swab must be soaked in vinegar.

Final words

You must remember that, cleaning vape pen is extremely important. It will not only enhance vaping experience but will ensure flawless working of your vaping pen for much longer time.

Besides that, it will result in proper use of oil that you may be using. If you decide to buy high-quality of vape oil/e-juice having signature flavors, that may also cheer up your mood. Make sure that you clean vape pen properly before use.

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