Do You Really Need to Wear Protective Mask?

Ever since the epidemic corona virus has started spreading all over the country and also many other parts of the world, people are suggested to wear protective masks for stopping the spread of these viruses.

However, is it really necessary to wear such masks for everybody? World Health organization has so far instructed only following 2 groups of people to use these masks and they are:

  • People who are sick or those showing any symptom of corona virus
  • All the healthcare professionals who are taking care of people, who are suspected to be suffering from this virus.

Any common people are really not needed to wear these masks unnecessarily because:

  • It is simply false security sense and nothing else
  • General public need to wash their hands frequently by using any soap for at least twenty seconds
  • While putting on and removing the mask people can get contaminated by the cough and sneeze of any other people.

Doctors and other health care professionals are recommended to wear Protective Face Masks as they will be closer to the patient suffering from this disease.

Usually, coronavirus can spread due to spraying of droplets in the air, as the affected person talks, coughs and sneezes. Virus can also enter our body through the nose, eyes and mouth, directly or after a person touches any contaminated object.

Experts of WHO however are now trying to explore whether general public will really benefit by wearing these masks. They have formed a group, who will examine on this matter and announce their findings.

Can you wear any homemade masks?

Since the consumption of these masks have increased exponentially after the outbreak of this corona virus, hence in the market there is high demand and authorities are restricting its use only among healthcare professionals.

Since reusable masks will pose more danger of the risk of virus and hence common people are advised not to use these face masks any more. Since the clothes used for these masks can retain virus.

Therefore, health authorities of most of the European countries are not advising common people to use these face masks unnecessarily to reduce its consumption. They also do not recommend using any home-made face masks too.

Health authorities of most of the affected countries are now advising for social distancing and by wearing these masks for them will not serve any useful purpose.

In spite of that, you can find in the internet there are lots of advices available how to make masks at your home and use them.

Best type of masks

Most of the hospitals use different kinds of masks that can offer protection of different grades. Some of them are:

  • FFP3
  • N95
  • FFP2

All these are fitted with respirator, which can filter the air. Common public are however not recommended to wear these masks. Only those healthcare workers who will remain in close touch with coronavirus patients, as they are at higher risk.

All other staff who are at lower-risk can use normal surgical mask.

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