What Is Group Therapy and How Is It Carried Out?

Human beings are definitely social animals. Ever since man has evolved, from history we know that he has always lived, hunted and fought all his problems with his peer. He had done many things by being as a big or small group and this sure has a reason.

The benefits of doing something in a group is always well understood by man and it had always been put to the right use. So, let us get this concept straight and simple. Never underestimate the power and the benefits of overcoming a problem along with the fellow sufferers.

Coming to the topic of the day, let us first understand what is a group therapy for addiction and how is it done.

What is group therapy?

A group therapy for overcoming any form of addiction is where a group of victims suffering from similar form or cause of addiction gather and interacts with each other, about the various challenges that they faced, about how they overcame the same or how they want to overcome a particular challenge.

In a group rehab therapy, much like the couples rehab, the victims find strength, empathy and solace from people suffering from similar issues.

The people taking up the therapy talk and discuss practical problems and more importantly practical solutions that worked for each of them. Sometimes they also discuss their failed attempts and strategies and talk about how or why they failed.

How to make the best out of the group therapies

Here are some tips that one can follow during group therapy sessions so that they will benefit positively from them.

  • Be frank and open
  • Talk about your success and about your failures too
  • Be positive and respectful. Instill hope in everyone.
  • Try to encourage each other, never discourage anyone.

Overall benefits of a group de-addiction therapy

This therapy gives a form of support to the sufferers. It helps the victims to understand that they are alone and they are not the only ones who are suffering or he or she is not the only one who has tried and failed.

It helps them to shed the embarrassment and the social taboo that they might feel when they are facing an otherwise normal human being who does not face any of these challenges. The empathy from a person who suffers a similar problem and is in a similar situation helps them heal better.

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