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Common Facts One Should Know About Rebase and Repair of Dentures

If you have lost your teeth due to dental problems or accident then dentures can be your best friend. Dentures are the tools that can be fitted in place of missing tooth to fill the space. The dentures work like teeth and with them you can lead your life normally. There are endless benefits of dentures so if you miss teeth then you can get a complete set of dentures. After some time, you will observe the changes in your dentures that make them unfit for use. It might be possible due to face muscles and cheeks.

To get good set of dentures you can contact a dentist. You can go online to search a dentist near you. A professional dentist has a good name and fame in the field of dental care solutions so you can always refer to top-rated dentists for your dentures. Dentures become an important part when you have loose jawbones and missing teeth so you need a correct personalized set of dentures. A professional and experienced dentist understands the work better and they will help you in improving your smile.

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Facts to Know on How to Repair Dentures

  • It is really important to wear right dentures and after sometime your dentures do not work properly. If your dentures are not worn out but the base has become weak then with the technique of rebasing you can fix your dentures. The base of the dentures is made up of acrylic so you can add a new base of acrylic for the base of dentures.
  • If your dentures don’t fit you well then it can be a major problem and you might feel uncomfortable. The relining is the process in which a tissue is added to the base of the denture. Your dentist will take the impression of your mouth to attach a new tissue to your mouth so that you can get a well fitted denture. The relining of dentures is required when you lose weight or when you lose your muscles. If you are not well that is the other reason of the shrinkage of the tissues from your dentures. If your other tooth has broken then it can shrink the tissue of the denture and hence require relining.
  • You should not DIY repairing dentures as this can degrade the quality of the dentures and reduce the life. You should visit your dentist to get them repaired. A dentist better understands the problem and can fix it well. There are many repairing areas like adding an acrylic base or adding the new tissues side to the dentures. This should be taken care by your dentist as poor repairing can cause many problems like irritation in the mouth.

These are some things to know about repairing of te dentures.

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