Various Lifestyle Changes You Should Adopt To Avoid Deep Rooted Venous Insufficiency

Persistent venous insufficiency is a condition in which valves in your veins do not work properly. Blood flows backward and starts pooling in the veins. This happens due to high blood pressure, which damages the blood vessels in the legs. The constant blood pressure against the valves makes them weak, so these become ineffective in transporting the blood back to the heart.

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Lifestyle Changes That Can Be Made to Avoid Persistent Venous Insufficiency

Living a sedentary type of lifestyle contributes to many diseases. To live a healthy life and avoid certain diseases, it is essential that you follow basic things in your daily routine like exercising, yoga, walking, etc. It improves the blood flow in the legs.

Wear Compression Garments

These garments support the blood flow in the right direction towards the heart, the blood that is accumulating in the leg or foot. The use of stretchable stocking or socks can maintain proper blood flow, as the garment applies a different amount of pressure to the various parts of the legs. In this way, blood keeps on moving appropriately through the veins.

Avoid Obesity

Obesity is the major cause of many diseases. It leads to the development of weak valves in the leg veins. You need to maintain a healthy weight. This can be achieved by developing healthy eating habits and exercising regularly

Be Active

Do not live a sedentary life. Be active and energetic. You can walk, do bicycling, jogging regularly. This maintains proper blood flow and improves the circulation of blood. The muscles of the legs get toned and a sufficient amount of blood is pumped to the heart. Even stretching your calf muscles supports proper blood flow.

Elevate Your Legs While Sitting  

Sitting and standing for a long time also results in the pooling of blood in the leg veins. You can take breaks so that blood can circulate to your heart. When you are seated for a longer duration, elevate your legs by putting them on a stool and do not cross them.

Avoid Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes and High heels

These also increase the severity of deep-rooted venous insufficiency. The high heeled shoes lead to the pooling of blood in the legs. So, wear shoes with low heels and wear loose garments.

Reduce Your Salt Intake and Moisturize Skin regularly

Extra intake of salt causes the body to retain water. Swelling occurs due to fluid in the legs. This puts pressure on the leg veins. Although the daily application of moisturizer does not treat the venous insufficiency it does improves the health of your legs.


Thus, by making this lifestyle changes the persistent venous insufficiency problem can be cured. You must follow all the measures strictly to avoid any kind of complications in the future. So, avoid inactivity and indulge in activities to enjoy life.

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