5 Benefits of Water-Cooled Medical Chillers

In the healthcare industry, you can only do so much if your medical devices aren’t working properly. Medical imaging machines, in particular, must be kept cool in order to operate. That’s why medical process chillers are crucial to any functioning medical office or clinic. When it comes to medical chillers for MRI machines, there are essentially two choices: air-cooled and water-cooled. Here are some of the reasons water-cooled medical chillers are often the preferred choice.

1. They’re Durable

Because water-cooled chillers don’t require outside air to work properly, they have less exposure to the elements. This means their parts require fewer replacements, thus allowing for longer lifespans.

2. They Operate Quietly

Air-cooled machines have ducts, vents, and fans running continuously. The result is a constant whirring sound that only becomes more prominent as the machine gets older. Flowing water, however, simply doesn’t make that much noise. This is particularly helpful in office environments where doctors have to interact with patients, permitting them to do so without having to compete with a loud chiller.

3. They Save on Energy Costs

As you can imagine, the rapid pumping and blowing of air in and out of a chiller requires a lot of moving parts. With more moving parts comes higher operation costs. Water-cooled chillers don’t need nearly as much power to cool medical equipment and transfer heat more efficiently than their air-cooled counterparts, resulting in impressive energy savings.

4. They Can Be Placed Indoors

Because they don’t require any fresh air to operate, water-cooled chillers can be smaller and located directly in the room in which they’re needed. This is especially advantageous if you’re in an office with limited outdoor space, or in rooms on the upper floors of a building.

5. They’re Safer

“Water-cooled” isn’t a euphemism, it’s the truth. Water is the cooling element in water-cooled chillers, not refrigerants.  No toxic chemicals are necessary for them to operate, so employees and technicians won’t have to be exposed to any dangerous chemicals when they’re running or maintaining the chiller.

There are times when an air-cooled chiller may be your only option. For instance, if you’re in an environment without a reliable water source, you might have no choice but to use an air-cooled chiller. If you have access to water, however, water-cooled chillers are still considered the ideal solution when you need medical chillers mri machines.

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