Real Life Girlfriends and Escorts – Which Is Better!

Every man wants to date, but they soon realize that the dating scene has evolved a lot along with the girls. The days when loving couples were happy with one another have vanished. Today, men and women need new things and no one desires to settle with just one person.

Dating, wining, and dining with a girlfriend has become extremely expensive and in a majority of cases, it is a waste of time. Fortunately, you can have the sexiest girl in Paris at your doorstep with ease. Call Lovesita escort agency in Paris and you will get everything you desired from in a girlfriend.

Reasons Escorts are much better than real girlfriends


Nagging behavior frustrates majority of guys. Girlfriends always badger and guys get fed up soon fulfilling their demands. She desires to go shopping all the time. On the other hand, an escort girl charges a fee. This seems less cheap than spending money on a real girlfriend.

Erotic pleasures

Guys who desire to get the best erotic pleasure experience need to remember that normal girls hardly have sufficient experience. Escorts are trained professionally to please men, which your girlfriend will never be able to offer.

If you desire a quiet night, book Girl Friend Experience package [GFE] and enjoy her companionship in your room. They will happily offer you the attention that you crave for. She gives you everything without any strings attached. They leave, whenever you wish them to without any concerns about mood changes.


Girlfriends exploit their boyfriends. They always demand their guys to change their lifestyle, according to her style. They may place you on a vegan diet when you know it is something you never prefer. She always nags about your drinking and smoking.

If you ignore their views, she will consistently pressurize you. Escort girls from Paris are different. She desires you to do what you adore the most. They never force or try to make any changes in your way of living. Nevertheless, they may even join you in your drinking as well as smoking.

Mood fluctuations

Girls are moody and if you are in a relationship the effects can be the worst experience for you. She is angry or clingy now and them. No one can predict when she will hate you or when she will love you.

The majority of guys stay unhappy because of this mood fluctuation as they are unaware of how she will react when they meet on a date. Escorts can be relied on as they are always in an entertaining mood for their customers.


To enjoy stress-free moments, it is better to enjoy moments with an escort girl. She is beautiful and when you spend a night out dining all heads will turn as you walk with her on your arms. Beautiful girls are waiting, just a call away! When you meet an escort, you know what you will get, spend your evening dancing and getting to know her. Enjoy sensuous intimacy and never regret it in the morning.

Wine, dine, and drive an escort home without any strings attached!

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