Ask These Questions Before Selecting Medical Assistant School

Selecting a medical assistant program can almost be like shopping a car. This program must have various features that you want but if your school does not help you in finding a job, then it is like purchasing a car which you can’t drive.

Therefore, before you choose any school for medical assistant make an informed decision and try to find answer to the following few questions regarding the school that you are considering:

  • Does the school have any career placement department?

You will know the real quality of the MA program by visiting the career placement center of the school. Career placement center must have everything that you will need for finding a job after graduation.

You can meet the director or manager who is in-charge of the placement and try to know how they can help students to find jobs. Try to find if they will help you with the resume, and whether they can set up any interviews for you.

You must understand that you are joining a school for finding job as medical assistant, hence you must make sure that career placement department should do everything that is possible for helping you.

  • Does the program include hands-on training?

Generally, most MA schools will try to boast about providing hands-on training particularly in their advertisement. Hands-on training is necessary to learn the skills required as a MA.

So, while asking the school regarding their hands-on training, try to find out what exactly they mean. Ask them how much class time will be spent on hands-on training. Also, ask how soon can you practice the skills that you learned.

Try to know what kind of hands-on training they will provide. If possible, find a student and ask him about what he thinks about the training.

  • What kind of experience all the instructors have?

Always it will be best to have few experienced medical professionals as teachers in the classes. The insights from professional medical assistant/nurse can prepare you much better than an ordinary instructor having no real-world experience.

However, with instructors who are not having enough experience does not mean you will not get quality education, but definitely it is a bonus.

Such instructor can share their past experiences with practical knowledge about the subjects that they teach.

  • What percentage of graduates usually get jobs after graduating?

Discuss with the manager of career placement department to find out so far how many old graduates were placed for medical assistant jobs. Usually, most schools must place more than 70% of the graduates. You must compare that statistics while discussing with them.

  • Whom to talk, if you have certain problems with class or teacher?

After enrolling in medical assistant school, certainly you will feel comfortable if you get help for your problem. Ask who will be the main contact person, if you face any problem in the class, or in case you do not like certain teacher.

Try to know how easy or difficult it will be to change teachers. Ask also, how accessible your president of school is. President must be someone who will be interested in getting your opinion, and will have open door policy.

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