Get To Know Kratom Powders Origin and Effects

People are looking for herbal drugs as an alternative to antibiotics and steroids. This has given rise to online natural health stores. In the Western market, the demand for natural, psychoactive recreational substances has increased. Kratom powder is one of the natural drugs that is gaining popularity.

Origin of Kratom Powder

For centuries, kratom tree leaves are brewed in tea or chewed directly for a mild stimulant effect. Kratom trees are found in South-east Asia. Recently, the use of kratom in powder form has been sold in the US, Canada, and Europe. However, it has become convenient to buy Club 13 kratom powder online. Currently, it is not categorized under controlled substances but has potentially adverse side effects and dependency issues.

Kratom powder effects on the user’s mind and body

Dosage of kratom powder is still not defined. It is wise to start low and then slowly increase. Kratom binds to the opiate reactor and the main active ingredient is believed to be ‘Mitragynine’ compound. Still more studies are needed to know how kratom works.

Low dosage

At low dosages, consumers get a little stimulant effect. However, it helps to increase attentiveness, focus, and energy. It elevates mood and sex appeal. For those aiming for weight loss can also use because it curbs appetite. Several people have replaced nicotine, caffeine and daily stimulants with kratom powder. Patients say that it offers great pain relief and does not knock them out.

High dosage

At high dosage, kratom can be risky. It offers a sedative effect like opioids or opiate medications. Users of high dosage find the effects euphoric in comparison to depressants or opioids. People struggling with opioids withdrawal symptoms have found kratom powder great replacement.

Side effects

According to a short study, the risks are very mild in comparison to opiates. Common side effects consumers will experience are vomiting, stomach upset, mild sedation, and itching.

Dependence or addiction

As the properties are the same as an opioid, kratom has the potential of developing tolerance and addiction that were mild in comparison to opiates. Users have reported withdrawal symptoms when they abstained from kratom.

There were a couple of deaths reported because of drug use but the dead people had taken kratom with other substances, so it is not clear whether kratom is responsible or not. Overdosing on kratom is impossible because the consumer starts to vomit long before they overindulge.

Despite kratom powder being a good painkiller or analgesic and a good substitute to discontinue opiates, there is still a need for more deep research. The effectiveness and safety remain unknown. Moreover, there are no regulatory standards in the extraction or packaging of kratom products. The full extent of potential health risks and side effects is not understood totally by the scientific and medical community.

Legal status

Kratom powder is yet to be scheduled as a controlled substance. However, in South-east Asian countries, it is illegal. In several US states, at the state level, the drug is banned. Until more research on a large scale is carried out to discover the usefulness and safety of kratom powder, it remains an unsafe option for people looking for natural treatment or high alternative.

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