Few Warning Signs Indicating Your Kid Maybe Taking Drugs

It will be a quite a task for parents to find out whether their child is under the influence of abusive drugs. Most of the parents are confused about the right approach to know whether their child is taking unhealthy drugs.

Here are few indicators that help you know whether your child is taking drugs:

  • Abrupt behavior changes. If your child has started to behave in abnormal way like arguing continuously, say lies or hide matters from you and show extreme moodiness maybe it is due to taking drugs. There will be sudden mood changes from excitement to aggressiveness leaving you confused. Will fight manically with siblings and use harsh words when rebuked for such abnormal behavior.
  • There will be constant need for money. When child asks you to provide large amount of money every few days on some pretext, make sure to check if the reasons are genuine.
  • They won’t like to stay at home. Often arrive home late at night and like to spend time with friends. Even their academics will take a beating as they will be disinterested in studies and even dislike playing regular games. If their tutor is complaining about your child showing less interest in class and scoring quite low marks, try to find the reason behind such attitude.
  • You can note physical changes. Your child’s eyes will be often red, he/she speak slowly or quite fast. Even their appetite may increase all of a sudden or they won’t feel hungry. Your child will have sleepless night or will feel sleepy even during daytime.
  • You can observe emotional changes in them. Every drug user goes through tremendous mental issues. They will be extremely depressed and will be secretive. They may try to hide grave matters and prefer to stay aloof. They try to dodge from doing fruitful activities and get angry without any reason.
  • General health seems to be not up to the mark. Your teenager’s health seems to be affected due to changes in their hormone and due to the drug being induced in their blood flow. Their body growth will be affected, will have frequent headache, dizziness, does not have any strength to do heavy physical work and unable to concentrate on studies.
  • Are less inclined to maintain personal hygiene. They won’t have second thoughts of having unmanaged hair or wearing dirty clothes. There will be small hole like marks in their arms and other parts due to injecting drug liquid solution. There will be burnt marks on their fingers and near the mouth because of smoking drugs. You can observe if their nose looks reddish due to sniffing of chemical based abused drugs.

These telltale signs can’t be ignored by parents and immediately consult professional counselor of teen drug & alcohol rehab centre. Their expert advice helps greatly in knowing the ways to handle your child and get rid of addiction forever. Your timely interference in your child’s life will save them from drastic affects, which will help them in leading a happy life.

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