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Why Are Green Fruits and Vegetables So Healthy?

You may have heard that greens are an important part of a balanced, healthy diet. In fact, “Eat your greens” is a common demand from parents to children, and from doctors to their adult patients. But why? Why are these plant foods so much better than other plant foods, and why are you supposed to get your nutrients straight from the source?

Find out why you should be eating more greens, either in raw form or from greens supplement powders made directly from fresh, green produce.


Greens like kale and lettuce are so dense in antioxidants that they can help stave off disease. Antioxidants are very important nutrients that protect the cells in your body from damage. Free radicals can damage cells and potentially lead to what are known as oxidative stress diseases, including cancer. If you want to decrease your risk of cancer, then eat plenty of antioxidants. And the best way to get a dense amount of antioxidants is to eat plenty of greens or greens supplements.

Vitamins and Minerals

Many people think of vitamins and minerals as generic health compounds, things that scientists and physicians say that you need but that don’t actually affect your body. Understandably, people may not actually know if they’re deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral until it’s too late and their health suffers.

The reason that you need vitamins and minerals is that they support your body’s growth, health, and functions. For instance, the Vitamin K that you get from greens can help improve your bone health and reduce your risk of fractures. Meanwhile, minerals like iron–abundant in spinach–are essential for having healthy blood.

Filling, Healthy Calories

Making smart swaps is important to weight loss, muscle development, and living an active lifestyle. Thankfully, greens are a great choice because they fill you up with nutrients, and help you feel satisfied. That means fewer unhealthy cravings, and better choices throughout the day. When you choose to eat your calories from poor nutrient foods like fried foods and simple sugars, you fill up on food so unhelpful to your body that it often goes straight to fatty tissue.

If you want to improve your health and reach your fitness goals, then you need a supplement that provides you with the nutrients that you need. Fortunately, you can find a healthy greens supplement that’s easy to add to your diet, affordable, and longer-lasting than fresh green produce. Start shopping online today.

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