Do You Know What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety does not develop due to single reason but there must be a combination of factors responsible for that. Quite often the personality of the person and various past experiences of the individual can also be responsible for anxiety.

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Following are few of the causes that can develop anxiety condition.

1.Personality factors

Various research results suggest that people having certain personality traits that will be more likely to develop anxiety.

As an example, children who are too perfectionists, timid, easily flustered, inhibited, having low self-esteem or prefer to control everything, often may develop anxiety during their childhood, adolescence or also as adults.

2.Family history

Few people who are experiencing anxiety conditions can have certain genetic predisposition towards such anxiety and all these conditions can often run in one’s family.

However, that does not mean that having a parent or any close relative experience such anxiety or many other mental health problems will automatically develop anxiety.

3.Ongoing stressful events

Various stressful events of life can also cause anxiety conditions due to one or more than one stressful life events. Some of the common triggers include –

  • Work stress or any change of job
  • Changes in living arrangements
  • Family or any relationship problems
  • Pregnancy and giving child birth
  • Major emotional shock due to stressful or any traumatic event
  • Death or any loss of loved one
  • Sexual, verbal, emotional or physical abuse or trauma.

4.Physical health problems

Many chronic physical illnesses can also make contribution to anxiety conditions and impact on treatment of either anxiety or physical illness itself. Few common chronic conditions are associated with various anxiety conditions include –

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease

Certain physical conditions can also mimic anxiety conditions, such as an overactive thyroid. You must consult any doctor and get your condition properly assessed to decide whether there can be any medical reasons for the feelings of anxiety.

5.Substance use

Many people who may experience anxiety often may use certain drugs or alcohol for helping them to manage their mental condition. In few cases, this may further lead to developing certain substance abuse problem together with their anxiety.

On the contrary, alcohol and various substance abuse may aggravate the anxiety conditions especially when the effects of these substance wear off.

Therefore, it is vital to check for various assistances available for any substance abuse conditions also.

While few people may even experience anxiety condition of their own, and many others may experience number of anxiety conditions, along with other mental health problems.

Anxiety condition and depression often occur together. It is therefore important to check and also get help for all such conditions.

You must remember that everyone is different from each other and it is often many combinations of factors which may contribute to developing anxiety condition.

So, it is important to understand that you cannot always identify the real cause of anxiety. Therefore, most important thing will be to identify the symptoms and signs and seek necessary advice and support.

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