Important Things You Must Consider Before Undergoing A Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you are considering a weight reduction surgery, then you must be aware of the gastric sleeve process. It is a permanent surgical method for obesity treatment. The gastric sleeve is also called as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It is a highly popular form of bariatric procedure.

More than 50 percent of patients who undergo weight reduction program choose this form of surgery for the treatment. However, before you begin performing this surgery, here are a few important things that you must consider.

Who qualifies for gastric sleeve treatment?

BMI is the best way to identify your qualification for a bariatric procedure.

  • If the BMI is 40 or more than 40, then you can qualify for this surgery on the basis of your weight.
  • If the BMI number lies between 31 and 39.9, then you can qualify for this surgical procedure provided you have issues that are caused due to obesity. These issues can be high blood pressure, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, etc.
  • If your BMI is 29.9 or less, then you don’t qualify for this surgery and any other type of bariatric surgery. is one of the best surgical places that offer bariatric weight reduction surgeries. Bariatric surgeons at this center specialize in performing gastric sleeve surgery treatments.

How does the gastric sleeve procedure work?

For most of the patients, weight loss happens when a person reduces the intake of food. The gastric sleeve treatment is based on this principle. It dramatically decreases the capacity of stomach to hold food. This treatment aims at lowering the stomach size to nearly 20% of its original size. The amount of food that is consumed in any meal also reduces dramatically.

Reasons to perform gastric sleeve surgery

This treatment procedure permanently modifies the stomach size causing a drastic change in the excess weight of a person. Reduction in unhealthy low-density LDL, with increase in good cholesterol or HDL.

This enhancement is also because of an increase in exercise. Diet change with a reduction in excess weight implies that medication for blood pressure is not essential to keep levels within permissible limits. By achieving weight loss through this treatment, a few individuals experience certain changes such as excess weight reduction, cure of Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, etc.


Understand coverage terms stated under your insurance policy. Some plans only offer treatment cost, whereas other plans also reimburse for expenses incurred on the preoperative and post-operative clinic sessions.

To avail these benefits, it is important to read your policy and learn what you are covered for and what you are. You need to furnish information related to BMI, weight-related medical condition, age, and supervised diet plan as prescribed by the doctor to make the claim.


With the growing rate of obesity cases, the number of people undergoing Gastric sleeve weight reduction procedure has also increased drastically. All this information makes you well informed about the procedure so that you make the right decision.

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