Some of The Delicious Ways to Eat Donuts

Can you believe your breakfast to be like a dessert? Knowing this, more and more people will be tempted to try it. Donut makes an excellent breakfast meal. Available in large-varieties, a donut filled with your favorite ice cream makes it a wonderful combination of two meals in one form.

There is no doubt in saying that these donuts are the best ways to take care of your sweet tooth. To make it a little more interesting, you can stuff your donuts with colorful ice-creams. This visually appealing breakfast meal is sure to be loved by anyone.  Let us see a list of interesting ways to include them in your breakfast meal.

The Donut Milkshake

Hearing it for the first time? A donut milkshake taste really delicious. This is a super quick recipe that gets ready in five minutes. All you need is a blender to mix your favorite donut, iced coffee, almond milk and ice cream, to create an amazing afternoon treat.

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The Donut Sandwich

Do you want a protein rich diet with a sweet touch of donut? Glazed donut sandwich is the answer to it. Made with tomatoes, onion, capsicum, corns, onions, peppers, beetroot, and your favorite donut, this is an ideal breakfast recipe. This sandwich provides only 360 calories with plentiful nutrition for a great start of the day.

The Donut Waffle

Heat your left-over donut properly in a waffle maker till it gets crisp, and caramelized. You are sure going to love it.

The Donut Cheesy Melt

If you like cheese, then you will definitely going to like a combination of cheese and donut. This is a mouthwatering mix of sweet and savory. It is very simple as a typical cheese grilled sandwich, but a lot more satisfying and fulfilling. This lip-smacking indulgence will definitely be a delight for you.

Donut with bacon

A donut and bacon are another great combination. You are sure to admire its rich taste.

Donut with a fruit

Donut supplies you carbs, energy and calories. To make it more nutritious you can include fruit with it. This will give you vitamins, fibers and minerals also that will make it a balanced meal for you.

Pancake Donuts

Pancake donuts dipped in specially prepared sauce is the healthiest and tasty evening brunch.

Pizza Donut

Have you ever imagined how a donut with a pizza slice taste like would? Wonderful right! Top your donut with cheese, and pizza sauce for a sweet, cheesy and savory taste.  If you are vegan, you can get them as per your dietary preference too.


You would not have tried all these amazing ways of eating donut in your life. All of the above ways are simply remarkable to make your donut all the more attractive and delicious.

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