Top Summer Items to Savor at Your Favorite Restaurant

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy leisurely meals at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. With the weather turning beautiful, you’d want to socialize more often, enjoying the company of friends and family. Most restaurants are rolling out special summer menus designed to offer their customers a taste of fresh, seasonal produce. Ask your favorite restaurant about their summer or spring menu offerings the next time you’re dining here. It’s great to sample limited time offerings at a restaurant, since they’re created by in-house chefs, and often embody the flavors of the season. Your favorite neighborhood restaurant in Tampa, FL, is whipping up delicious summer delicacies that’ll have you coming back for more! If you love dining out, we’ve got special tips to help you order the best summer specialties.

Crisp Salads

When it’s sweltering outside, you want to something fresh and light to cool off! Summer salads are a special at most restaurants, featuring summer veggies, fruits, and house-made dressings. Look for salads that have crisp and cooling veggies like fresh greens, cucumber, tomatoes, and more. Toppings like picked red onions, scallions, and fresh herbs like cilantro will add supreme flavor to a summer salad. Most restaurants offer special sauces and dressings that are very light and incorporate fresh flavors. A fresh lime vinaigrette infused with ginger, parsley, or other herbs complements the crisp textures and freshness of summer veggies.

To make your salads more filling and hearty, ask for healthy protein like grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp. For vegans and vegetarians, opt for poke bowls featuring vegan protein like quinoa, beans, chickpeas, giving your salads a hearty boost.

Delicious Sandwiches

Sandwiches are an absolute favorite any time of the year! Your neighborhood restaurants will feature summer sandwiches made with seasonal produce like tomatoes, zucchini, arugula, and more. Opt for house-made sauces like a fresh herb aioli. Freshly grilled sliced steak or flame grilled chicken are delicious and filing additions to a summer sandwich. Enjoy freshly made sandwiches with a side of hand-cut fries for the perfect summer inspired meal.

Sweet Endings

Specialty desserts are an absolute must in any summer menu. With fruits available in abundant, you’ll find that most restaurants feature fruit inspired desserts like peach cobbler, ice cream topped with peach or strawberry compote, mango cheesecake, etc. Enjoy these freshly crafted desserts made with freshly picked fruits.

Summer meals are all about keeping food light, fresh, and flavorful. Visit your favorite neighborhood restaurant in Tampa, FL, to enjoy chef-inspired summer delicacies.

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