Get to Know the Kinds of Anal Toy for More Stimulation

When you visit the sex toy shop there will be plethora of varieties available. These are designed to help men and women have a healthy sexual life. Just like we take care of our body it is also necessary to keep check of your sex life.

If you are still new to booty play or butt sex then below is a guide that will help you choose the right kind of anal toys to buy, so as to maximize your orgasm. Visit Vuxensaker.Se to check different kinds of butt toys available.

Anal beads

This is the most versatile anal toy, which are available in small to medium size. They are easy to use, so beginners can find this as an ideal option. Advanced users can also use it to top up their stimulation game.

It is a row of silicone beads [ABS plastic] strung together with nylon or held together in a silicon molded base. Beads start from smallest at insertion point, which gradually grows larger and larger up to the end. Choose anal beads with T-shaped plastic piece or graspable loop in the end, so as to remove it easily without getting stuck in the anal cavity.

Anal pearls are suitable for men and women. It gets inserted in the anus, during foreplay to offer incredible sensation and slowly removed at peak point, so that full body orgasm is experienced.

How to use?

Douse beads with water-based lube then start inserting slowly one by one. When you get used to feeling beads fullness turn the vibration on. During sex, it can be tried when a partner penetrates her vagina. This new sensation will be sensational!

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are for every booty! It looks like a letter ‘T’ with cone shape for comfortable insertion. You can choose from different sizes. It works ideally for couples play and even solo.

  1. Vibrating – The sphincter muscles get relaxed and P or G-spot gets stimulated. Great toy for starters because tight muscles get massaged away with vibrations. It offers more pleasure to sensitive nerves surrounding inside and outside the anus
  2. Non-vibrating – There is no vibrating motor but stimulation is provided as the toy is moved manually.
  3. Weighted plugs – These don’t vibrate but you can wear them on a date or during sex. Internal weights are used to create fullness sensation while moving or having sex. The shape is like a torpedo, which are comfy when he penetrates her vagina or bends his body to please her. They are available in variety of weights and sizes to please all kinds of butt sex fans.

Inflatable anal toys

These function like a balloon. Insert while small and pump air gently, so the muscles and sphincters in the anal cavity stretch. Make sure to buy a size that will stimulate you.

Prostate specific butt toys

Penis owners too have P-spot, which can make their butt sex enjoyment great. Prostate or P-spot is inside his b-hole about three inches within anal cavity’s front wall. When this walnut sized prostate gets stimulated orgasms are explosive. Learn to angle it to target the P-spot!

Invest in soft, flexible, non-porous, hypo-allergenic and phthalate-free anal toy!

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