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A Guide to Know About Silhouette Instalift

When we age, it is natural to be bothered by the signs of aging. Our skin loses its elasticity and it starts sagging. We try our best to handle this change but we are not satisfied with it. There are some methods which help in regaining your youthful look and the appearance.

Silhouette Instalift helps in improving the appearance of the mid-face area, which shows the premature signs of aging. This is a non-surgical procedure providing the immediate and long-lasting results. It helps in restoring a youthful look to you without any kind of surgical procedure.

Silhouette instal is the best option for women and men who desire to have a natural, young skin. This facelift is the right choice if you do not wish to go for the surgical facelift. The procedure can be completed in an hour only with local anesthesia. Tampa FL silhouette instalift procedures are performed by the experts which have a lot of knowledge and expertise related to this procedure. The actual lift is done to your face without any kind of surgeries

How Procedure is done?

The sutures which are biodegradable are applied deeply into your skin. The sagging tissues in the midface is imparted a new youthful look. You can get the results immediately and it is painless, the lift lasts for 18 months. These silhouette instalift sutures are inserted deep into the skin of your face or cheeks.

It does not require general anesthesia. The procedure involves the local anesthesia.  Only a single needle entry point is needed no cutting and stitching is done. These sutures are absorbed by the skin naturally. The procedure takes around 45 minutes and the normal activities can be resumed after the procedure.

The Design of The Sutures

These sutures are made from Polyglycolide/L-lactide which is a kind of suture that is resorbable. The sutures are designed keeping in mind the reconstructive nature and aesthetic importance.

These sutures help in lifting the sagging tissues of your skin. The threads are kept at the proper place with the help of the cones and also stimulate the production of collagen by the body.

Reasons for Choosing the Silhouette Instalift

This procedure helps in imparting a youthful look to your facial skin by lifting the sagging skin. The procedure is non- surgical and the results can be seen immediately. It imparts a natural and glowing look to your skin and has a minimal recovery time.

How to Determine the Level of Lift You Will Get After the Procedure?

This can be determined by the level of skin laxity and also by a number of sutures placed and the location of these sutures. It is a simple procedure which helps in recontouring your face and it lifts the deep layers of your skin.


To enhance your face’s natural and glowing look silhouette instalift is a perfect choice. It is a procedure which does not involve the use of any kind of cutting, is simple and secure with no side effects and the results are amazing as it contours your face.

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