Your Money Is Just Buying Time And Services Agreed With An Escort Nothing More

Escorts go on dates with a variety of clients. Some clients are super rich, while some may just belong to middle class families. Well, no matter what is the social and financial status of a client, an escort charges them all equally. However, still many clients assume that their social and economic status can buy them some extra privileges.

In fact, some clients think that just because they are paying an escort to spend time with them, they are technically buying her. This is absolutely incorrect. If you too have such ideas in your mind, better keep reading the reasons given below and start changing the way you think.

Don’t think you have purchased an escort, because…

Dates are consensual: Just because you are the paying party and an escort is receiving the payment, it doesn’t mean that the encounter is not consensual. When you book an escort via high class agencies like, they run a background check on you. If they don’t find you eligible for the encounter, you don’t get one. So, the concept of buying an escort is absolutely wrong.

There are always some limits: Just because you are paying an escort to accompany you, that doesn’t mean you can cross limits with her, without consent. Keep in mind, the fees you are paying an escort is just for her time. You can spend the time by talking, playing cards, watching a movie, or anything else which is acceptable. However, expecting any intimate service is completely offensive. So, if you are thinking that your money is buying you a blow job with an escort, you are wrong. If you wish for a blowjob you will need to pay for the services.

She is not obligated to spend time with you: Yes, you did pay her for time and entertainment but if you miss treat her or harm her in anyway, she can end the encounter immediately and walk away. Escorts always look for their own safety, so if you threaten her self-esteem or harm her physically, she has the complete right to leave immediately, no matter how much you have paid her.

“No” means no: If you think that you are paying her a little more than what was agreed, or you are a returning client she will agree with anything you say, you are wrong again. For instance, if she had told you no for sex earlier, paying her more or booking her repeatedly will not change her mind.

You won’t always get a reservation: If an escort is really successful, it is obvious that she has plenty of clients lining up to spend time with her. Now, even if you are one of her regulars, it is not necessary that she will always have time for you. So, if you don’t get a reservation on your desired date and time, deal with it. She is after all not a purchased property and so will not be available every time you need.

Escorts are offering services against money, and they value their self-esteem like all of us. They don’t intend to offend you in any way and expect the same from you too. So, respect them enough to understand that they are not some purchasable item, but living and breathing human beings.


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